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Q&A Form for STD

Company Physical Address
Contact Person Position
Tel Cell
Fax Date
End User Info Physical Address
Contact Person Position
Tel Cell
Fax Date

Tank/Vessel Information

Material of Construction
Top of tank, shape Enclosed Open Other
Bottom of tank, shape Flat Dished Conical
Depth of cone or dish Outlet diameter
Tank dimensions Shell Height Shell Diameter
If the tank is not circular, give approprate dimensions
Is the tank under pressure or vacuum, if so provide details
Is this tank on load cells Number Capacity Each
Baffle(s) detail Number Width Height
Wall Gap Bottom Gap
Levels of Operation Min Max
Sketch of tank/vessel (side & top view) and Original Data Sheet
Product name Solids type Fluids type
SG Range Min Max
Final Suspension % of solids
Is the product shear sensative
Viscosity range of mixture Min Max
Particle size specfication Details
P.H. range of mixture Min Max
Temperature range of mixture Min Max
Any flammable vapours Flashpoint Other info
Nature of solids Corrosive Abrasive Other info
Batch size or % of tank capacity Li
Batches - Tons per hour per day
Continuous operation - tons per hour

Mixer Information

Purpose of mixer Suspension Aeration Blending Dissolving
Other Describe
Preferred mixing action/motion Slow Medium Violent
Available operation voltage 380V 525V
Existing motor size kW Poles Make/Manufacturer
Existing shaft diameter Existing shaft length
Hour of operation per day

Notes (describe the problems / faults with current operation)